Retail Management POS Software

What has developed is a comprehensive Retail management point of sale software. This software is cloud based and designed to run on all of your IoS devices including phones, tablets, and computers. You can simply open our application and it accesses you to the robust system. This means full transparency from any of your phones, tablets, and computers. Designed with a Variety of businesses in mind our system is fully scalable from individual store level to enterprise level which can consist of multiple store chains and manage multiple groups of inventory and several employees. This software package allows you to take control of all angles of your business from accounting functions, appointment setting, inventory management , replenishment, and full CRM with loyalty program. Send email business updates and have the ability to make and customize reports from within.


This functionality comes with several key advantages:
  • Easy to Learn, Easier to Use – get trained in minutes and have your staff up to speed quickly
  • Safe and Secure – Encrypted, constantly tested, updated, and backed up to a cloud which is fast, secure, and reliable
  • Integrates Easily – Already have QuickBooks??? That’s fine our system easily exports and or integrates with QuickBooks
  • Multiple locations – Have 100 Stores to integrate that’s no problem manage them all through our system
  • 24-7 Support included – If you have any problems. Anywhere, we have got you covered with free 24-7 Support
  • Mobility – You can have the system on your phone or tablet so you can easily interact with your clients

What makes this offer Truly GREAT??

It can be yours totally Free by simply calling and reserving your space. Whether you are just starting your business or have a large enterprise our solution can save you money and let you achieve greater transparency and provide you the capability to micro manage your business with less effort from anywhere.

Make Better Decisions – Having easy access to relevant business information anytime can help you make more structured decisions or be able to make decisions on the go. Run your business by the facts and numbers.

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Free is free, that is as cheap as it gets not to mention eliminating redundancy in your business processes and reducing administration function.

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