What is the worst side effect of having a physical location and an online location? It is the headache of having to manage 2 inventories that function independently.

Having to constantly update your POS system manually for any online sales can be tedious and redundant. Stop wasting time and allow our company to automate the process by Syncing your ecommerce sites to your POS system so you can consolidate to a single, automated, perpetual, inventory system.

Our system and process has the following benefits:

  • Prevents overselling of Inventory Items
  • Reduces manual labor and possibility of mistakes
  • Consolidates Ecommerce activity to your POS allowing for real time Inventory
  • Integrates with most major shopping carts and cash drawers
    (BigCommerce, OpenCart, 3dCart, Shopify, WooCommerce and more!)
  • Allows you to better anticipate sales and execute reorder
  • Allows you to have an updated system and keep your existing database(s) in place
  • Works in Real time for updates
  • No separate interface to learn, run , or interact with
  • No additional training required

As your business increases its volume or your realize that Ecommerce is becoming a large part of your transactions it pays to integrate.

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